October 5, 2015

Co-parenting - It's not about us, it's about them!

Utah, USA
It's not about "us" it's about "them"

I promised myself I would never ever post about my ex-husband on my social media channels. I keep that part of my life very private. 

Tonight is the only exception. You see, my son turned 5 today, and after a weekend of festivities I wanted to do something small but fun on his actual birthday. Chucky e Cheese's is one of his most favorite places to go. After picking up the kids from my ex tonight I decided to invite him to go with my son, daughter, and me. 

Here is the thing, to some of you this is just a picture, but to me, it's so much more. We set all of our differences aside. Tonight wasn't about our failed marriage, and it wasn't about how much I want to punch him in the face at times, or how I'm sure he feels the same way at times. 

Tonight was a promise that we made. Not only for our kids but for each other. It's not about us, it truly is about the kids. One way or another we are going to have to see and deal with each other. So we have made peace. 

We forgot the past. We forgave and forgot. We are moving forward as the great Mother and Father that our kids deserve. 

I sure hope that the kiddos understand that they can always count on both of us to be there for them. Dance recitals, soccer games, you name it. We will both be there to support them! Whenever you think of dealing with your ex, especially if you have kids with you ex, remember this!! 

If you know of someone that might need to read this tonight please share. 

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