March 14, 2012

Get Inspired Project - Love Stitched

Utah, USA

Tonight I'm so excited to introduce you to Brittany from Love Stitched!! She is one of the very first bloggers that I started to follow and fell in love :). I've met her before at a bloggers event, and she is such an adorable girl

Why: Brittany pours her heart out into her posts, I remember crying with her many times... Feeling her pain. I also have LOL that I almost pee my pants. She is just too cute! Her blog has a little bit of everything, and once you go over there you won't want to come back.

                                            1. Tell me a little bit about you and your site... 

1.) Love Stitched is the product of my addiction to all things creative and crafty. "Do what you LOVE", is my motto for life, and I LOVE designing accessories and accents to be adorned in the home or worn around town. As well as blogging about my daily adventures in fashion, crafting, cooking, and more! 

2. Do you have a bucket list and if so what is one thing that you would like to complete by 2012? 
2.) I don't have a written out bucket list....although I want to start one! TRAVEL... I want to go somewhere I've never been...another country would be amazing but I'll settle for another state ;) 

Look at her lovely family! 

3. Share your favorite posts with my readers... 

3.) I have LOTS of favorite posts! Here are some of my most popular in each category : 
DIY 1 &  DIY 2

Isn't she beautiful? Aww, I just love her Blog!