September 30, 2015

NPC Competion

I grew up very active, danced, played soccer, was a cardio bunny, and danced again... 

After my 1st child I bounced right back to my old body, with my 2nd child I was deep in depression during and after the pregnancy. While depressed all I wanted to do was eat, or cry. 

I gained a lot of weight. This was also in the middle of my divorce. When I was separated and in the process of my divorce, nothing felt good, life was just blah! That's when I decided to get back to the gym. Not to just be a cardio bunny, but to lift like the other guys... It was intimidating but it felt so good. One session was better than the other, I started to get addicted to that lifestyle. 

That's when I decided that I would be competing on my first #NPC competition. I got my coach and was right on track, even in between the depression and craziness I was still keeping to it. A month before competition I got hit by a Semi. All my dreams shattered when my doctor told me that I had to take a 2 month break from working out. I then had to drop out of competition. I unfortunately ended up being depressed again and turned to food. My coach was anxiously waiting for me to get better so we could keep going. I was just over here trying to take it day by day. 

It's been 4 months and I can finally say that I feel 100 % like myself. I'm going to step on that stage eventually. I know I will! This post is a reminder that I can do hard things and that life does get better! It will also serve as inspiration for me to get to my goals. Keep grinding #fitfam and if you read this whole thing you're awesome 💪🏻