Alphabet Workout!

November 16, 2015

Good Morning my FIT FRIENDS! 

Here is a fun little workout for you guys! Let me know how you feel after you try it! 

You can repeat if necessary! Here is an example of what my workout would be like with my first name:

K - 10 Push-Ups
A- 50 Jumping Jacks
R- 15 Push-Ups
I- 50 Jumping Jacks
N- 25 Jumping Push-ups
A- 50 Jumping Jacks

Transformation Tuesday

October 27, 2015

I really had to dig deep for this picture you guys, and I was so embarrassed to post this. 

On the right I'm at about 185 pounds. I was depressed, suicidal, trying to make it through my days, I cried a lot, on top of it I was pregnant, I thought that because of it I could eat whatever I want. Food did help me feel something.
I was emotionally disconnected from my precious baby. 

On the left I'm at about 125 pounds. This was 2 years after that picture. I found fitness again, I'm happy, I have a purpose, I have goals to reach, I have my precious kiddos each day reminding me why I'm here, my family and friends got the old me that they loved back, and I'm living this wonderful life as a new and improved me! 

There you have it... If I was able to get out of the darkest time of my life, you can too! I'm still not where I'm at since I'm about to start prepping for competition next week, but I'm so extremely happy!

Meal Prep Monday!

October 26, 2015

Meal Prep Monday is my favorite!

 Pictured are some of my favorite meals to prepare:

🔸Turkey Burger with Salad 
🔸Shredded Chicken with veggies
🔸Turkey Beef with veggies
🔸Overnight oats with peaches 
🔸Can't forget my healthy fat: avocados!

Throwback Thrusday!

October 22, 2015

It's #TBT and I found this super old picture of me from my High School days.... 

The funny thing to me is that I feel like I haven't changed much. You guys be the judge! Lol This was back when dancing and soccer were huge parts of my life. 

Talk about constant cardio for this bunny! 🐰  

PS: To all my high school friends... I still have our school anthem stuck in my head " Buffaloes are the Buffaloes are the very best, very best" okay I'm done 😂

Fit Fam & Pandas!

October 20, 2015

Happy Tuesday #FITFAM!

 I have a nerdy confession to make I'm obsessed with PANDAS! 🐼 

Like if I could adopt one and have it in my backyard, I would do that yesterday! Haha I did some research one it, and I really can adopt one and they will send me pictures and updates on it. 

I would also love to go to the San Diego Zoo and pet one. Can someone make that happen?? 

Like I would love you forever! 🐼 

So yes, I'm wearing a panda shirt! I sleep with a panda bear, and my family gifts me panda things! I'm done with the non-necessary information that now you know! 

Acai Smoothie Recipe

October 14, 2015

Happy hump day #fitfam 💪🏻

Here is one of my favorites smoothie’s recipe:

Acai Smoothie Recipe

• 1 banana
• 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk
• 1/2 cup of rolled oats
• 1 tbsp. of Acai powder

• 1 handful of granolas (honey, raisins, almonds)

1. Blend everything in a blender but set granola aside.
2. Garnish smoothie with granola on top

Benefits of Acai
1. Heart Health
2. Promotes Skin Health
3. Aids in Weight Loss 4. Acai berries contain antioxidants
5. Helps with Digestive Upset
6. Reduces Irritation
7. Anti-Aging Effects
8. Energy Boost
9. Better Sex
10. Improves Mental Function

Real Talk

October 10, 2015

"You were born to be REAL not to be PERFECT" lately I have been so caught up overall "competition game" 
of Instagram...

 I had to look at myself and see why was that happening? I'm trying to be perfect instead of real. That's not me!
 I'm so real on here, and I hope that you can tell...

The same goes to my dating life, I will take the time out of my schedule to talk to certain guys, just to get shut down. 
Or ghosted. It's fine I'm a big girl, but people need to start being real...

Don't like me, move on. Don't drag me along forever. I'm trying to take a break from dating but every guy that I'm currently talking to it trying to prove to me why I need them in my life... Ain't nobody got time for that! Like seriously! 

NPC Competion

September 30, 2015

I grew up very active, danced, played soccer, was a cardio bunny, and danced again... 

After my 1st child I bounced right back to my old body, with my 2nd child I was deep in depression during and after the pregnancy. While depressed all I wanted to do was eat, or cry. 

I gained a lot of weight. This was also in the middle of my divorce. When I was separated and in the process of my divorce, nothing felt good, life was just blah! That's when I decided to get back to the gym. Not to just be a cardio bunny, but to lift like the other guys... It was intimidating but it felt so good. One session was better than the other, I started to get addicted to that lifestyle. 

That's when I decided that I would be competing on my first #NPC competition. I got my coach and was right on track, even in between the depression and craziness I was still keeping to it. A month before competition I got hit by a Semi. All my dreams shattered when my doctor told me that I had to take a 2 month break from working out. I then had to drop out of competition. I unfortunately ended up being depressed again and turned to food. My coach was anxiously waiting for me to get better so we could keep going. I was just over here trying to take it day by day. 

It's been 4 months and I can finally say that I feel 100 % like myself. I'm going to step on that stage eventually. I know I will! This post is a reminder that I can do hard things and that life does get better! It will also serve as inspiration for me to get to my goals. Keep grinding #fitfam and if you read this whole thing you're awesome 💪🏻

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