October 10, 2015

Real Talk

"You were born to be REAL not to be PERFECT" lately I have been so caught up overall "competition game" 
of Instagram...

 I had to look at myself and see why was that happening? I'm trying to be perfect instead of real. That's not me!
 I'm so real on here, and I hope that you can tell...

The same goes to my dating life, I will take the time out of my schedule to talk to certain guys, just to get shut down. 
Or ghosted. It's fine I'm a big girl, but people need to start being real...

Don't like me, move on. Don't drag me along forever. I'm trying to take a break from dating but every guy that I'm currently talking to it trying to prove to me why I need them in my life... Ain't nobody got time for that! Like seriously! 

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