February 3, 2020

Air Force Life: from a wife's perspective

Earlier last year, Daniel called me during work because he had an important question for me... As soon as I answered he told me that he was thinking of joining the Air Force and what my opinion on it was. Without any hesitation, the word YES came out of my mouth. And with every fiber of my being, I knew that he was making the right decision! 

You see, my dad is an Army Vet so the military life is nothing new to me... Having watched my mom go through multiple deployments and really taking care of the household while he was gone made me feel confident that should that time come for Daniel I for sure could do this! 

So back to Daniel, from the moment I met him I knew that he would be perfect for the military life. The way he carries himself, how much he cares for others, how respectful he is, how determined he is to give it his all when he has a mission in mind, oh! I can't forget how health/fitness is important to him. So yes, he is the poster child for the military I tell you. 

The military was something that was always on his radar and he did apply right out of high school but due to an injury, he wasn't able to join at the time. 

This decision also made sense for our little family... As we are going to retire in the military so with him signing up later in life made it to where we only have about 20 years left. 

This photo is from the day that Daniel swore in and signed his contract. The months leading up to this moment had been keeping us busy with paperwork after paperwork and sleepless nights... So what a relief it was to actually get to this day and make things real. 

Soon I'll be writing more in-depth posts about the whole journey from joining, to basic training, to tech- school, and drill weekends. 

For now, I will just say how proud I am of my husband and his decision to serve our country!