January 8, 2018

Strength Training Terminology

Strength Training Principles and Guidelines I wanted to share this information with you because it has helped me throughout my fitness journey to understand what certain words meant.

muscular strength: ability of a muscle to exert force against a resistance

muscular endurance: ability of a muscle to exert force repeatedly for a period of time

compound exercise- an exercise that utilizes multiple muscles
-squat, bench press, lunge, push-up, pull-up, leg press, lat pulldown, deadlift, shoulder press, etc.

isolation exercise: mostly isolates a specific muscle or muscle group (keep in mind you never truly isolate one muscle at a time)
-biceps curls, hamstring curls, calf raises, triceps extensions, leg extension, lateral shoulder raises

repetition: the execution of a strength training movement once through the entire range of motion

set: a group of repetitions done for a particular exercise

volume: the quantified amount of work performed in a strength training session (sets x repetitions x weight)

flexion: movement that decreases the angle between a joint (e.g. biceps curl)

extension: movement that increases the angle between a joint (e.g. leg extension)

concentric action: a muscle action that results in muscle shortening

eccentric contraction: a muscle action that results in muscle lengthening

flexibility: the range of motion about a joint or group of joints

hypertrophy: increase in muscle size

atrophy: decrease in muscle size

1RM (1 repetition maximum): amount of resistance that can be moved once; a measure of absolute strength

sarcopenia: the loss of skeletal muscle mass related to aging

overload principle: increasing the demands placed upon the muscles
-must be done systematically and progressively

Overload can be achieved in the following ways:
1. increase resistance
2. increase repetitions
3. increase or decrease the speed of the repetition
4. decrease rest period
5. increase training volume (volume = sets x repetitions x weight)  
6. any combination of the above

specificity: the training must be specific to the desired outcome

periodization: alternation of training volume and intensity; cycling the objectives of training

Types of Strength Training
Isometric actions produce little or no movement. This type of training does not require equipment. Strength gains with this type of training are specific to the angle of the contraction.    

Dynamic training includes the concentric and eccentric phases. Strength is gained through a full range of motion. This type of strength training is very applicable in our day-to-day lives since most activities in our lives are dynamic (pushing, pulling, & lifting)

This type of training requires specialized machines. The speed of contraction is maintained at the same rate; the machine’s resistance matches the force produced by the user throughout the range of motion. Access to the isokinetic machines is needed in order to engage in this type of strength training.  

Free Weights vs. Machines
There are advantages to both machines and free weights:
Free weight advantages
-cost less
-more variety with few pieces of equipment
-stabilizing muscles are engaged more
-people of all ages and sizes can use them

Machine advantages
-usually safer; spotters are rarely needed
-some exercises can only be performed with machines
-variable resistance through the range of motion
-more isolation of individual muscles

Types of Workouts:
straight set: A set of an exercise is performed followed by a rest period. This is repeated until all of the sets for the exercise are completed.   

super set: Two different exercises for different muscle groups are done together.  One set is performed for one exercise immediately followed by a set of the other exercise.  This is repeated until all of the sets for the exercises are completed (e.g. bench press and leg press).

compound set: Two different exercises for the same muscle group are done together. One set is performed for one exercise immediately followed by a set of the other exercise. This is repeated until all of the sets for the exercises are completed (e.g. push-ups and triceps extensions).

circuit training: A group of different exercises for different muscle groups performed together.  One set of each exercise is done in order and then repeated until all of the sets for the exercises are completed (e.g. squats, bench press, lat pulldowns, reverse crunches, lunges, pushups, dumbbell rows).

full-body routine: Performing exercises for the entire body in a single session. Allow at least 48 hours between workouts.

split routine: Working one muscle group one day and another muscle group on the next. (e.g. upper body on Monday/Wednesday and lower body on Tuesday/Thursday). There are different ways to do a split routine.  

Design of Strength Training Programs
Strength training workouts should be designed using the FITT principle.  
Frequency is the number of times per week the workout is performed.  
Intensity is the load used for an exercise.
Time is the number of repetitions (different than time for cardio).
Type is the specific activity you choose.

Guidelines for Strength Training :
-Warm up for 5-10 min before beginning your workout. This can include light aerobic activity and body weight movements.
-Use a spotter for lifts in which there is the risk of a load falling on you.
-Work all of the major muscles groups.
-Work large muscle groups before smaller muscle groups.
-Maintain a neutral spinal alignment while lifting.  Stabilize yourself with your core. 
-Use proper technique. If you are not sure ask an exercise professional.
-Perform lifts in a controlled manner.
-Allow enough rest between sets. Depending on your fitness level and goals this can be between 45 seconds to 3 minutes.  
-Stop if you feel pain.
-Rest at least 48 hours between training the same muscle group.  

January 1, 2018

Disney Movie Night | List of Movies + Ideas


A few years back I decided that it would be fun to watch every classic Disney movie in order from when they were released with my kids. This was before Disney+ was a thing so I had to go to my local movie store (rip F.Y.E) and browse the Disney section for all the classics. At the time we were able to find some movies but not all of the movies we needed to get this family movie night going. 

I decided that if we were going to watch the Disney classics I was going to go all out. So the theme for the food and decor had to go with the movie. 

Here is a list of the Disney Movie Classics in order:

This list stops in 2014 so I needed to update my list for 2021. That’s why it’s best for me to type all the movies here for you to follow along too!

Snow White and the Seven DwarfsDecember 21, 1937
PinocchioFebruary 7, 1940
Fantasia[S]November 13, 1940
DumboOctober 23, 1941
BambiAugust 13, 1942
Saludos Amigos[S]August 24, 1942
The Three Caballeros[S]December 21, 1944
Make Mine MusicApril 20, 1946
Fun and Fancy Free[S]September 27, 1947
Melody Time[S]May 27, 1948
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. ToadOctober 5, 1949
CinderellaFebruary 15, 1950
Alice in WonderlandJuly 28, 1951
Peter PanFebruary 5, 1953
Lady and the TrampJune 22, 1955
Sleeping BeautyJanuary 29, 1959
One Hundred and One DalmatiansJanuary 25, 1961
The Sword in the StoneDecember 25, 1963
The Jungle BookOctober 18, 1967
The AristocatsDecember 24, 1970
Robin HoodNovember 8, 1973
The Many Adventures of Winnie the PoohMarch 11, 1977
The RescuersJune 22, 1977
The Fox and the HoundJuly 10, 1981
The Black CauldronJuly 24, 1985
The Great Mouse DetectiveJuly 2, 1986
Oliver & CompanyNovember 18, 1988
The Little MermaidNovember 17, 1989
DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost LampAugust 3, 1990Disney MovieToons 
The Rescuers Down UnderNovember 16, 1990Walt Disney Animation Studios 
Beauty and the BeastNovember 22, 1991
AladdinNovember 25, 1992
The Nightmare Before ChristmasOctober 29, 1993Skellington Productions 
The Lion KingJune 15, 1994Walt Disney Animation Studios 
A Goofy MovieApril 7, 1995Disney MovieToons 
PocahontasJune 23, 1995Walt Disney Animation Studios 
Toy StoryNovember 22, 1995Pixar Animation Studios 
James and the Giant Peach[S]April 12, 1996Skellington Productions[st 2] 
The Hunchback of Notre DameJune 21, 1996Walt Disney Animation Studios 
HerculesJune 27, 1997
MulanJune 19, 1998
A Bug's LifeNovember 25, 1998Pixar Animation Studios 
Doug's 1st MovieMarch 26, 1999Walt Disney Television Animation and Jumbo Pictures 
TarzanJune 18, 1999Walt Disney Animation Studios 
Toy Story 2November 24, 1999Pixar Animation Studios 
Fantasia 2000[S]January 1, 2000Walt Disney Animation Studios 
The Tigger MovieFebruary 11, 2000Disney MovieToons 
DinosaurMay 19, 2000Walt Disney Animation Studios and The Secret Lab 
The Emperor's New GrooveDecember 15, 2000Walt Disney Animation Studios
Recess: School's OutFebruary 16, 2001Walt Disney Television Animation 
Atlantis: The Lost EmpireJune 15, 2001Walt Disney Animation Studios 
Monsters, Inc.November 2, 2001Pixar Animation Studios 
Return to Never LandFebruary 15, 2002Disney MovieToons
Lilo & StitchJune 21, 2002Walt Disney Animation Studios 
Treasure PlanetNovember 27, 2002
The Jungle Book 2February 14, 2003Disney MovieToons 
Piglet's Big MovieMarch 21, 2003
Finding NemoMay 30, 2003Pixar Animation Studios 
Brother BearNovember 1, 2003Walt Disney Animation Studios 
Teacher's PetJanuary 16, 2004Walt Disney Television Animation 
Home on the RangeApril 2, 2004Walt Disney Animation Studios 
The IncrediblesNovember 5, 2004Pixar Animation Studios 
Pooh's Heffalump MovieFebruary 11, 2005Disneytoon Studios 
Valiant[R]August 19, 2005[rls 3]Vanguard Animation 
Chicken LittleNovember 4, 2005Walt Disney Animation Studios 
Bambi IIFebruary 7, 2006[rls 4]Disneytoon Studios 
The Wild[R]April 14, 2006C.O.R.E. Feature Animation 
CarsJune 9, 2006Pixar Animation Studios 
Meet the RobinsonsMarch 30, 2007Walt Disney Animation Studios 
RatatouilleJune 29, 2007Pixar Animation Studios 
Enchanted[S]November 21, 2007Sonnenfeld Productions 
WALL-E[S]June 27, 2008Pixar Animation Studios 
Tinker BellSeptember 18, 2008[rls 4]Disneytoon Studios 
Roadside Romeo[R]October 24, 2008 (India)[rls 5]Yash Raj Films[st 3] 
BoltNovember 21, 2008Walt Disney Animation Studios 
UpMay 29, 2009Pixar Animation Studios 
Tinker Bell and the Lost TreasureSeptember 3, 2009(Argentina)[rls 4]Disneytoon Studios 
A Christmas Carol[R]November 6, 2009ImageMovers Digital[st 4] 
The Princess and the FrogDecember 11, 2009Walt Disney Animation Studios 
Toy Story 3June 18, 2010Pixar Animation Studios 
TangledNovember 24, 2010Walt Disney Animation Studios 
Gnomeo & Juliet[R]February 11, 2011Starz Animationand Rocket Pictures[st 5] 
Mars Needs Moms[R]March 11, 2011ImageMovers Digital[st 4] 
Cars 2June 24, 2011Pixar Animation Studios 
Winnie the Pooh[S]July 15, 2011Walt Disney Animation Studios 
Arjun: The Warrior Prince[R]May 25, 2012[rls 5]UTV Motion Pictures[st 3] 
BraveJune 22, 2012Pixar Animation Studios 
Secret of the WingsAugust 31, 2012[rls 6]DisneyToon Studios 
FrankenweenieOctober 5, 2012[3]Tim Burton Productions[st 2] 
Wreck-It RalphNovember 2, 2012Walt Disney Animation Studios 
Monsters UniversityJune 21, 2013Pixar Animation Studios 
PlanesAugust 9, 2013Disneytoon Studios 
FrozenNovember 22, 2013Walt Disney Animation Studios 
The Pirate FairyFebruary 13, 2014[rls 6]Disneytoon Studios 
Planes: Fire & RescueJuly 18, 2014
Big Hero 6November 7, 2014Walt Disney Animation Studios 
Strange MagicJanuary 23, 2015Lucasfilm Animation[st 5] 
Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeastMarch 3, 2015Disneytoon Studios 
Inside OutJune 19, 2015Pixar Animation Studios 
The Good DinosaurNovember 25, 2015
ZootopiaMarch 4, 2016[4][5][6]Walt Disney Animation Studios 
Finding DoryJune 17, 2016[7][8]Pixar Animation Studios 
MoanaNovember 23, 2016[4][5][9]Walt Disney Animation Studios 
Cars 3June 16, 2017[10]Pixar Animation Studios 
CocoNovember 22, 2017[11]
Incredibles 2June 15, 2018[10][12]
Ralph Breaks the InternetNovember 21, 2018[13][14]Walt Disney Animation Studios 
Toy Story 4June 21, 2019[10]Pixar Animation Studios 
The Lion KingJuly 19, 2019[14]Fairview Entertainment 
Frozen IINovember 22, 2019[14][15]Walt Disney Animation Studios 
Spies in Disguise[R]December 25, 2019[16][17]Blue Sky Studios[st 6] 
OnwardMarch 6, 2020[10][18]Pixar Animation Studios 
SoulDecember 25, 2020[r