May 15, 2016

When I first met him...

This short story is taken from my self-published dating book... I've decided to add parts of the book to my blog so that you'll get to enjoy reading all my fun stories!

The story below is how I first met my husband, my soulmate, and my forever...

The gym: My therapy! My happy place! I remember going to the gym 6 days a week. I was committed to being my best self. I didn’t want guys to come after me for my looks, but I did want to feel good on the inside and outside. That’s where I met the love of my life! I remember it was the end of 2014 when I decided to create a fitness Instagram account. I wanted to inspire others! I wanted to show them what I was doing at the gym. I wanted to show them my meals and share inspirational quotes. Meeting a guy at the gym has always felt weird to me, and somehow it happened multiple times during my dating years.

Daniel was different though… I knew I liked him from the moment I laid eyes on him. We followed each other’s Instagram account and would show support by liking and occasionally commenting. We were both dating other people. Daniel was always in the back of my mind. I wasn’t playing hard to get. I think I just wasn’t fully ready to be in a relationship. I could honestly tell that he was relationship material and that scared the shit out of me back then!

We went back and forth for a little while. We would flirt but it would stop there. Finally, he asked me out. I was busy. He tried again. I still feel bad to this day, no I wasn’t playing hard to get. Daniel just fit the stereotypical “gym bro” and I had dated plenty of those guys and quite honestly it was exhausting.

So, you could say that we just continued to support each other in the #fitfam World. Now fast forward to 2016, he texted me. That was a nice little surprise! I had forgotten he had my phone number. I told him I was busy due to the holidays and that we should go out soon. He agreed. We eventually got together. I remember that it was the first or second week of January. It was cold outside, and he wanted me to come over because he was planning on cooking for me.

I show up to his place and I’m lost in his apartment complex. I called him he told me to wait and He would come to find me. It was freezing outside. From the distance, I hear my name being called: Karina! Karina? And I finally see him walking towards me. He is holding a blanket and comes in and gives me the biggest hug. He wraps me around his blanket and I follow him to his place (come to think of, that was our Cat Lyla’s blanket… ha!).

I’m pretty sure there were fireworks going off in my head!  He then shows me what he is making. A delicious salmon with fresh veggies. We stood in his kitchen and talked, laughed, and sang for hours. Talked about Brazil. How we were into the same musicians, and our upbringings. He was respectful, he had all the qualities I was looking for and the best of all: He and I were passionate about the same exact things!

This was a huge plus! I kept thinking to myself: Why did I wait so long for this? Then this little voice in my head would tell me: You weren’t ready!

more on this story soon...

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