November 30, 2018

Bucket List Cross off: Andrea Bocelli Concert!

When I was a little girl, Saturday mornings were dubbed "cleaning days" my sister and I helped my parents clean the house. They would wake us with breakfast and the most poetic songs from their generation. Through the cracks of my bedroom door, I distinctly remember the echoing sounds of Andrea Bocelli's beautiful symphonies and at that exact moment, doing chores didn't feel like work. 

As you can imagine, I grew to love songs that had a meaning behind them, were poetic and the genre ranged from opera to rap...

A few Elton John's and Garth Brooks later my musical palate evolved but always kept me true to my roots. As in every time, I would have a breakdown or need to decompress Andrea Bocelli was there for me. 
Night of the concert - November 29, 2018

When Daniel and I started dating when both couldn't believe how similar our childhood was as well as the taste of music. Which it brings us to the most epic night. We had both heard that Andrea was coming to town and kept putting off buying tickets to see him. At this point, I almost thought it would be too late, that's when he surprised me with
Andrea Bocelli tickets! I was so excited I cried!

The evening started out amazing, first, we had dinner at Ruth’s Chris which in my opinion was delicious. Our dark picture below, but you get an idea of all the deliciousness. 

Then off to the concert, we went to. There was such a positive energy around us and I was in awe to see how many Andrea fans are in Utah! 

I teared up a few times and squeezed his hands extra tight. 

What got me the most about this evening was the not only was I completing some off of my bucket list, but so was he! 

The symphony was about two hours long with an intermission in between. Every time Andrea would walk out the whole crowd would cheer. The time went by so quickly and by the end of the evening, my face was hurting from smiling and all the happy tears. 

This was one of the greatest items to cross off my bucket list! 

I love that we both share so many of the same passions. Thank you, Daniel, for being the sweetest human around! 

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