November 2, 2020

Calculating MACROS

Need a quick snack idea? 

Try rice cakes with your favorite nut butter, fruit, and chocolate chips. I’ve mentioned this snack before but today I wanted to teach you how to actually look at the food labels and count your caloric intake correctly. 

It’s time to do some math to show you how easy it is to calculate your macronutrients: 

Here is what each macronutrient has: 

Carbs: 4 kcal/g  
Fat: 9 kcal/g  
Protein: 4 kcal/g 

The daily recommendation for carbs is 45-65% fat 20-35% and protein 10-35%

For you to calculate what your percentage for each day should be all you have to do is the following:

Say you are on 2,000 calories a day plan. You will then complete the following formula to get to your recommended caloric intake:

Carbs: 2,000 x .45 = 900 calories 
Fats: 2,000 x .20 = 400 calories 
Protein: 2,000 x .10 = 200 calories 

To determine the number of grams for each nutrient we need to divide the calories above by their nutrient density.

-Carbs: 900/ 4 = 225 grams
-Fats: 400 / 9 = 44.4 grams 
-Protein: 200 / 4 = 50 grams 

From here it all depends on what your nutritional goals are. If you are trying to gain muscle then you would up your carbs. If you are trying to lose fat then you would up your protein intake. 

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