October 13, 2020

Happy 2 months baby Olive

Utah, USA

Dear baby Olive,

Today you are 2 months old. Life with you in it just keeps getting better and better! 

I love that mama can carry you around the house while doing chores and you just sleep away!

You are slowly gaining more weight which is good. So far your doctor told mama to keep doing what I’m doing. 

My milk production has slowed down a little ever since we started feeding you one bottle of formula before bed time. I’m hoping that I can still breastfeed you! 

Breastfeeding you is one of my favorites. I get to massage your little bald head, smell your baby smell, and just take a deep breath and relax while you do the same. 

It makes mama so happy that I can contribute to your growth! You are going to be such a strong little girl I can already tell.

You are now noticing things around you. Lights make you so happy! You are little moth (as daddy calls it) just go towards the light every single time. 

Bath time is still not fun for you as you dislike being cold! Mama realized that you do love taking showers with me. So I hold you against my chest and you can feel my heart beat and I think that it makes you so happy!

You are loving your binky and it’s helping you soothe when you are a little upset but now hungry. 

One of my favorite thing I noticed this month is that you absolutely love listening to music! I think it has do to with the fact that I listened to music every single night before going to bed when you were in my tummy.

Sometimes, when you fall asleep in my arms, you drop your little head to the side and I can see your little neck and chubby cheeks. 

October is your big brothers birthday and this year we went down to vovó and vovós house to celebrate. We needed to get a little sun and you went on your first beach trip and you love it! 

Baby girl your personally is changing every day and it’s adorable! From your little sounds that you make to your little grins. You are the happiest most calmest baby.

We are so blessed to have you little angel.

Love you, 

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