April 30, 2019

5 Ways to show self-love on a daily basis

In order to be truly happy in life, we must first love ourselves.  Loving ourselves doesn’t mean being egotistical or a narcissist.  It means showing yourself self-love and truly being happy in your own skin.  This is easier for some people but with a little daily maintenance, self-love will become natural and all aspects of your life will begin to fall into place.  

When we seek acceptance from others, it is very difficult to ever truly be happy in our own skin.  We have to unconditionally love who we are, the good and the bad.  If we focus on our accomplishments and achievements instead of comparing ourselves to others, we can truly be happy in many areas of our lives.  

If you were to ask me about my weight a year ago, I would have taken offense to it. I was going through this weird stage due to all the health problems that prohibited me to be at the gym six days a week (hence the weight gain). We often compare ourselves to our peers, celebrities, Instagram models, athletes and honestly up until the summer of last year, I was in the same spot and was self-conscious about my image (even though there was nothing I could do about it due to my health).

That quickly changed once I accepted that this is my body and I should be proud of it! It also changed because I started to show self-love daily. So, if you are struggling with this right now, here are some ways you can begin to practice self-love on a daily basis:

Accept Yourself.  This isn’t always easy but accepting that you have strengths and weaknesses and that is okay is the first step in truly loving yourself.  Not everyone is good at math or cooking or maybe even walking and chewing gum at the same time, but for every person that isn’t good at one of those, there is another that is.  That is okay.

Set Boundaries.  Every relationship you are in, whether it be friendly or romantic should have a set of boundaries.  If you are not okay with something, stand up for yourself.  If you don’t like how someone is treating you, talking to you or making you feel it is okay to tell them that.

Set Personal Quality Time.  Everyone needs time for themselves.  We all need hobbies and time to do the things that make us happy.  Ensuring you have time to either do a hobby, read a book or just meditate can help you to relieve stress, Make time for YOU.

Talk to yourself.  No, you don’t need to walk around having a full-on conversation with yourself, but you should take the time to check in with yourself.  Listen to yourself and pay attention to ensure you are getting what you need.  Are you feeling down?  Figure out what it is that is making you sad or stressed.  Paying attention to yourself and getting to the core problem can make a huge difference in your overall well-being.

Be kind.  It’s easy to beat yourself up when you make a mistake, or something doesn’t work out as planned.  Have patience with yourself and understand that it isn’t the end of the world.  We make mistakes but we learn and move forward.  It is okay to not always be perfect.  It’s easy to give someone else understanding, but you must do the same with yourself.  Speak to yourself kindly and with patience.  Reflect and learn.

The pictures you are seeing in today's post would have never been put on my blog had I not been on feeling confident in my own skin. I'm wearing a set from TOMBOY X Earth Day Collection in the whale shark print. 

TomboyX was founded the way many brands are, trying to fill a need that had gone unfilled for far too long. We asked ourselves, “How hard can it be to make good underwear?” And by that, we meant underwear that fit regular bodies and fit how we saw ourselves. And underwear that anybody could feel comfortable in, regardless of where they fell on the size or gender spectrum.   In trying to fill a need, we unwittingly unleashed an outpouring of emotion. 

The majority of our cotton underwear and swimwear are Oeko-tex 100 certified—a highly-regarded international standard for non-toxic fabrics. Additionally, the process that gives our activewear it's quickdry, antibicrobial and moisture-wicking properties uses crab and shrimp shells instead of finishing with synthetic chemicals. Our luxury MicroModal fabric is made out of sustainably harvested and processed Beechwood fibers. And our Signature Prints use a water-based, earth-conscious method, recycling water well above the standards required. We are always looking for the greenest, cleanest method for everything we make.



Disclosure: Nina Talks LLC was gifted TomboyX product for an honest review. All opinions and decisions for sharing my thoughts about it on the blog are my own. 

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