May 7, 2019

Tips from a content creator - lauryncakes

Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Here is the thing, up until now I have interviewed several people for my podcast show. Every single one of them brings me a new perspective. Their passions, hopes, and dreams ignite the fire in me. I leave every studio session inspired and ready to take on the World! Today's guest was no different.
Lauryn took a chance on me. She was one of the first people I reached out to while in the process of re-launching the Nina Talks Podcast. I remember sitting on my phone one-night scrolling through Instagram and thinking: 

"Who will take me seriously? This is a completely new direction and I don't have a lot of work to show for it. I'm going into it blind with just my words as well as hopes for the future."

I scroll past @lauryncakes on Instagram and add her to my list of "must haves" for the podcast. I have followed Lauryn long enough to know how much of a badass she is and that she is also kind, knowledgable in her craft, and just puts out so much positivity that I thought to myself: My listeners will LOVE her!

So I slid into her DM's I fangirled big time and went about my day... I honestly wasn't expecting her to respond to me right away because she is such a big influencer that probably gets many messages a day, but much to my surprise she responded and was all in! I had to take a double take because someone that I look up to was actually coming on my little show and was going to give my listeners her tips? what? I immediately froze and was elated with joy! 

Here are some of my favorite blog posts from Lauryn's blog: How to get invited to Events

Now onto today's episode: 

Until next Tuesday, 

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