June 12, 2017

10 of The Best Graffiti/Murals Art in Salt Lake City, Utah

One of the coolest things about living in Salt Lake City is the ART! We have so many local artists here. If you take a ride around town you are bound to run into one of these Graffiti walls. I love that they are always expressing their creativity for others to admire and enjoy. It sure makes it for an urban/edgy city! A cool thing about these graffiti walls is that there is a lot of respect between the artist community that once something is painted on a wall, they usually won't tag it. On a sunny Saturday afternoon, Daniel and I went on a mission to find our top favorites and to discover new ones as well! *Side note, he was such a trooper for driving around town with me looking for walls... Thank you, babe!

The Best Street Art Wall Murals in Salt Lake City:
  1. "Greek Gods" 100 Foot-wall on Stone Unlimited Building off of 3000 South and 300 West. The Graffiti Artist is known by SRIL around these parts. He was hired by the company to cover this wall because they were tired of getting it tagged by random graffiti. I follow him on Instagram, and his work is out of this World! Shae Petersen doesn't use stencils. He just lets his imagination run wild. While checking out his website, I discovered that he has a Mural Map! What? I need to hit up every single one of them!

2. Fice Gallery - 160 E 200 S. Right across the street from Bar-X. I took so many pictures while there and I still feel like I didn't get all the art. There is a little bit of everything! FICE is a premier sneaker and clothing Boutique. The owners wanted to highlight different artists from all over, thus creating this awesome gallery. Framed art changes often. I'm not exactly sure how often, but It is for sure worth heading out that way to check it out!

3. The Pie Hole Wall - 344 S State St. If you haven't been to that area in town yet, I suggest you to go soon! The Pie hole is such a yummy pizza place, then there is a taco place, and for those of you that like dive bars. You need to hit up the Jackalope Lounge. The coolest people own it and they will treat you right! There is some sweet art inside too!

4.  SLC Pepper - 250 S. 400 W.  (Note: There is a gate around this wall now, it wasn't like this before and you could walk right up to the mural. We took this picture through the gate). If you are a Beatles fan I bet you recognize this mural! It's a remake of the original Stg. Pepper album cover. Awesome right?
5. Sea Turtle - 3739 South 900 East (hidden in the same parking lot as Fat Cats. Just go all the way to the back of the parking lot to your left and you will find it). This wall is also by SRIL Art. He is not finished with it yet, but I used to live across the street from this and walked over here quite often. I can't wait to see the finished product!

6. Ice Haus - 7 E 4800 S, Murray. This Mural is right by my place.  If you haven't been to Ice Haus yet, I highly recommend it! They have the yummiest food! The murals are a little bit interesting. There is a cool "ice" glacier/mountains. Then a guy that looks like Bruce Lee. Next time I will do some martial arts move next to it!

7. Fear Factory - 666 W 800 S. Let me tell you a little bit about this area. Is a little sketch. To be honest with you, we stayed in the car to take this picture. Make sure to watch your surrounding while you are there. I still think is worth the drive out to check out the art! ( I might convince my boyfriend to come with me this Halloween).
8. "The Book Mural" - 222 S. Main Street. This was the hardest location to find! It's hidden in a back alley behind Goldman Sacks. We legit drove passed the alley 3 times.
9. Crank SLC - 749  State St. This is a mural on the side of the Urban Bike Shop named Crank SLC. I love the bike details on the roof! The cool thing about this mural is that it highlights all the local bikeways!
10. The State Room - 638 State Street. The State Room is a cool and intimate concert venue in Salt Lake. The Mural is on the side of the building as well. Love the Jazzy/Bluegrass feel of this mural!
BONUS Walls:
  1. Ave Maria - Right in the middle of FICE Gallery. You might miss it if you don't lookup. That's what happened to us!
  2. Coke Wall -  31 West 400 South (Green Pig Pub) You will also have to look up for this one as well!

I  know that there are still a few more around town. Do you have another favorite that I missed?
I hope you enjoy this list! I encourage you to get out there and explore your city!

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