May 18, 2020

A letter to our baby girl

Utah, USA
Dear baby Olive,

You aren’t even here yet and already so loved... I can’t help but think of how lucky we are to be bringing such a precious little thing into this world. 

We are getting closer and closer to the finish line and mama is finally starting to feel like herself again. Mama has been sick from the moment we found out you were inside me all the way in now as we are heading into the third trimester. It’s been worth it and it will continue to be worth it when we get to see your beautiful little face. Every moment, every kick, every sleepless night staring at the ceiling, every sickness and emergency room visit, every emotional outburst is so freaking worth it! We are lucky and you’re worth it baby girl!

Daddy is currently doing something that only a small % of Americans do... He is in the Air Force and he gets to protect us and fight for our freedom. He is the type of man that your mama dreamt of. Someone that would take charge and do anything and everything to give his little family a better life. Daddy is my hero and soon enough he will become yours too!


letters to my unborn baby

Olive, I hope you know how much we have wished and hoped for you to come into our lives! You are our missing puzzle piece that will some complete our little family puzzle. You have a big brother that has the most gentle and kind soul, he will protect you and take such good care of you, he will listen and play with you even when he wants to be alone. Because your brother, much like your daddy has the biggest heart! Now your sissy, she might look tough on the outside but she will also protect you from anyone that ever tries to hurt you. She is going to be your biggest cheerleader and probably try to dress you up like a baby doll. She has the best imagination and the cutest little singing voice!

You see, mama and daddy were both born in Brasil but didn’t really get to cross paths until we moved to the United States. So as some might call it faith brought us together in the most unexpected way... 

Daddy really fought hard to be part of Mama's life and I’m sure glad that he did! He never gave up on me because that’s the type of man he is. He fights for what he wants (even if he gets hurt along the way) because he knows that the outcome is going to be worth the wait. 

See, mama wasn’t just ready for daddy to come into my life just yet because I already knew that he would be the one. I knew that he was special and I was just really scared. Brazilian boys specifically scared me. Ha! was mama wrong! Now we get to have a full Brazilian baby which has been our dream for a very very long time! And daddy gets to have a little girl of his own. Your name is very special to both of us! We love Olive and we hope you do too. 

So you can see why you are so special to us and why your arrival is going to make our life so much better. You are going to come into a family that loves hard. That sticks together through the highs and lows and make big decisions together because we want your future to be bright and amazing. 

As Mama types this letter you are giving me the strongest kicks I’ve ever felt! It makes my heart full and I have butterflies everywhere. I love this feeling! 

I love you baby girl and I’m counting down to the moments I get to have with you soon.


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