April 8, 2017

Signature Assignment for my weight lifting class - HLAC 1080

I wrote this journal for my weight lifting class at SLCC but I thought I would add it to the blog as well for memories. Enjoy! 
When I signed up for this weight lifting class, I didn’t really know what to expect. As an avid gym goer, this seemed like an easy choice. Although fitness and nutrition is a huge part of my lifestyle. There is always room for improvement. There were times that I had things going on with my life so I would get to class a little later than expected, but when I did get there, off to work I went. While in the weight room, I made sure to take full advantage of my time. The professor as well as the interns for the fit-tech program were not only extremely helpful, but so knowledgeable and passionate about what they were teaching us!
My favorite part of this whole semester was being paired up with a coach. Cody did an amazing job keeping me on my toes, and challenging me every week to reach my goals. Our fitness routine changed a couple of times during the semester. Every time he could tell my muscles were getting used to the routine, he would change it up. When we started our workouts together, he asked me what my goals were. I told him that not only did I want to have the best form, but also be able to reach my personal goals, which were: Try unassisted pull-ups, chin-ups, squat heavy, dead-lift with proper form, and just work on my overall muscular endurance.
I think it is so interesting how it is all a mind game when it comes to upping your numbers. For some reason, I was afraid of failing and pushing myself to the max before this class. Not this time! Being able to complete seven chin-ups in a roll made me feel like I could accomplish anything. I also decided to bulk during the semester and it was very interesting to not only see my fitness gains, but me reaching all my personal goals. What an amazing experience! Here are my stats from the middle of the semester compared to the end of the semester:
24 Push-ups
17 Reverse Pull-Ups
Plank .47 seconds (right) & 1:10 (left)
33 Push-ups
20 Reverse Pull-Ups
Plank 1:51 (right) & 1:46 (left)

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