April 9, 2017

Dear Future Husband: a difference between sex and making love 18+

This short story is taken from my self-published dating book... I've decided to add parts of the book to my blog so that you'll get to enjoy reading all my fun stories!

Did you know that there is a difference between having sex and making love? I feel like a lot of girls might know this, but occasionally we are lucky to find a guy that knows the difference and knowns exactly what to do to make sure that girl feels special. Here is the thing, I really didn’t want to go into details about Daniel’s and I sex life because it is something so special to me. But since I have been honest in this book, I figured I would give you a glimpse into things… This post is more suitable for an 18+ audience.

What do you look for in a husband? Do you look at his appearance? The way he treats others? The way he carries himself? Is it reliable? Is he willing to do anything for you to keep you happy? Would your sex life be great? Would he always have your back? Would he be a great dad?

Those questions were all things I would write down on my “Dear Future Husband” list. I remember it would be a Friday night and the kids happen to be sleeping, I would turn on the Backstreet Boys and write my thoughts down on my journal. That’s when I came up with all those questions above. 

Now back to Daniel, I went over how we first meet here, so you already know who he is as a person. As cheesy as this sounds, I can go down this list and check everything off. He has all the traits of my future husband list. I'm so happy I get to spend the rest of my life with him!

Daniel has been there for me through thick and thin. For example, I have had nights where I was so sick lying in bed all day, and he would come home from a long day of work with my favorite soup and flowers. He would then proceed to make me my favorite tea and warm up my food while continuing to check on me throughout the night to make sure I was alright. This has happened on many occasions. I’m still not sure how I get to be treated like a princess daily by someone that is so caring, charming, calm, and puts everyone else’s needs before himself. All I know is that I’m holding him tight and never letting him go!

So back to making love… From the beginning of our relationship, I knew that he was different in the bedroom. Remember how I mentioned that Brazilians are passionate kissers? Well, Daniel is no different. He can make my heart skip a beat from just a kiss!

Now here is the thing, I can literally look at him across the room and my whole body will melt. This guy can turn me on instantly. He is such a romantic, after all, he did ask me to be his girlfriend by learning all the dance moves to “All I have to Give” by the Backstreet Boys. Even the way he told me that he loved me was special. It was so genuine and pure. I knew that he was telling me the truth…

I still remember the first time we ever made love. Enya was playing in the background, and he was giving me a massage. He started to kiss the back of my neck and right then I knew that we were in trouble. He turns me around, pushes me against my bedroom wall and starts to make out with me, he then picks me up and “gently” throws me on my bed. Slowly undresses me, then... We both continue to explore each other’s bodies for the rest of the night. We took our time. There was no rushing and ugh do I need to say more? This is what “making love” should be like. Things have never changed since that first night and have gotten more intense (because going at it again for the second time on the same night has become a norm over here)

Now that you know way too much information about our sex life, (okay, moving on) You should never ever stop having sex with your partner! It should be something you look forward to every day. Yes, every day! I know that some of you might think that once a week or month should be enough, but I think you need to try for more than that. Your relationship is worth it!

Remember how I mentioned that Daniel was such a romantic guy? Our love for music brought us even closer. I remember early on into hanging out with him with both traded singers and songs that we loved, it ranged from Andrea Bocelli to Backstreet Boys (as well as Brazilian songs sprinkled in there). We couldn’t believe how similar our taste for music was! I think it was a couple of months into us hanging out exclusively that Daniel asked me to be his girlfriend officially. It was a Sunday night, I was laying in bed listening to music. He was on his way over. He then tells me that I need to leave the door unlocked and close my eyes.

So, I DID THAT! I waited for him and could hear his steps up my stairs. I squeezed my hands over my eyes as hard as I could. He then tells me to sit upon my bed and wait for him. Next thing I know Backstreets Boys “All I have to give” is playing. He uncovers my hands and starts to dance to the beat of the music (mimicking every dance move that he clearly practiced) my vision is still a little blurry from squeezing my eyes too tight. Right then I realized that he was only wearing underwear and a bow tie. Nothing else! I looked around and he had a protein bottle with a question on it: “Will you be my swolemate?” it had the prettiest flowers in it too.

My eyes were still a bit blurry and it took me a minute to realize what he was asking me but as you all know I said yes! Everything was just perfect that night!

I will end this little story with this: Daniel, thank you for always making me feel so sexy in my own skin. For always giving me daily compliments, and for being there for me when I’m an emotional hot mess. Being your life companion is something that I have always dreamt of. We are building such an amazing life together. Here is the future my love! Eu Te Amo!

PS: Don’t ever stop Singing/Dancing in the kitchen to our favorite songs while you cook. Because that makes my nights!

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