September 13, 2020

Happy 1 month baby Olive

Utah, USA


Dear baby Olive,

Today you are one month old! 

Please time slow down... our baby girl is just growing so much. 

You have been sleeping through the night most nights. Mama is the one waking up in the middle of the night just to make sure you are still breathing. You are always sounds asleep and content!

After having to go visit your pediatrician a couple of times because you were a little bit jaundice and lost a lot of weight. We started to supplement moms breast milk with formula.

That seems to be helping you a lot and you are gaining your weight back up!

Today you were at almost 8 pounds so about 2 pounds gained since your birth. The doctors said I’m doing a great job.

You are so sweet and sleep pretty much all day and night until you are hungry. Then you let us know! 

You have found your voice and we hear you loud and clear. It’s adorable when you cry because you scrunch up your forehead and put your lips. 

Even though mama is very tired because you are very attached to me. I wouldn’t change a thing. It makes my heart happy and I just want to cry tears of joy! 

Your daddy is back at work fighting this whole covid thing along with other military guys. It’s such an interesting time that you were born in. The year you were born in will be a huge part of history down the line.

Your Vovós and vovôs love you so much and are obsessed with your cuteness. 

Happy one month baby girl! Here is to a growing and healthy baby!

We love you so so much,

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