December 13, 2020

Happy 4 months baby Olive

Dear baby Olive,

What an eventful month it’s been! You are now 4 months old and continuing to bring us joy on the daily! 

You’re not going to believe this but you are almost 13 pounds which is a huge difference from your last doctors appointment!

You are getting chunkier by the minute. And we are loving it!

Sitting down is your favorite thing to do. We think that it is because you see your brother and sister better. You look around and get so happy!

I absolutely love dressing you up in different outfits! It’s so much fun and you are the best little doll.

You are obsessed with pandas and I think that mama had something to do with it! You love holding your little panda bear and wearing your panda slippers. 

We celebrated your first thanksgiving this month and you got to hangout with Uncle Rafa and Aunt Nina. You love them! 

Mama has so many wonderful dreams with you in it. I see you growing up. Being the best little girl at sports and dance. We can wait for you to do all the activities.

Right now though, breakdancing seems to be your favorite thing! We will lay you down on your mat one way and you will flip all the over to the other side in a matter or seconds. 

You have this singing owl that we got as a gift for when you were born. We take it every with us because you love listening to those lullabies and they put you right too sleep. PS: you know how mama loves pandas? Well dada is a little obsessed with Owls!

You found your loud voice and you love screaming whenever you get the chance. Our favorite thing is when you are a hungry hippo. You get so mad and cry so loud but Mae the cutest faces!

We aren’t sure what happened but you don’t like your binky anymore. Instead you would rather chew on any toy that you a chance to.

Baby girl the year is almost over and we made it! So many wonderful memories with you!

Thank you for making my life so much better. I’m the luckiest! 

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