October 5, 2018

Backstreet Boys Don't Go Breaking My Heart

The BSB have been my FAVORITE all time boy-band since I was a little girl (aka 10 years old). There has been so many memories that I hold dear to my heart. Every summer, my sister and I would go visit our cousins up south and we would often make up dance moves to go with the songs. As I got into my teenager years, I started to collect folders of magazine photos and anything BSB related I could get my hands on. Nick was my lover! I was obsessed with that (innocent) blond haired blue eyes boy. There was so many things this girl liked about him... When he came to SLC for comic-con of course this girl had to get a photo with him!

I have had plenty of Karaoke sessions in my kitchen and HERE is proof! When the boys came to town, my best friend Amanda and I went to the concert with our pregnant bellies! Such a fun concert!

When BSB announced their Last Vegas residency the little 10 year old in me was screaming of excitement!!! Specially after they took a little break from making music. I knew that the comeback was going to be amazing and that it would be worth driving to Vegas to see it! My cute cousin from Brazil happened to be visiting and was dying to see the boys live. We had the best girls night out!!! Here are some fun photos from the night: 

Lastly, I had to record myself reacting to their new single (aka back in may) because it was soo damn good! You can watch me make a full of myself on the YouTube video below...


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