October 29, 2018

The Lady Gang TV

Hello, Hello, Hello, and welcome to The Lady Gang! My favorite all-girl posse Podcast-turned-into-TV-show. 

Thank you to my sister, I have been listening to these lovely ladies for a while now. I remember talking about podcast recommendations and thinking how there weren't many powerful-all-girl-podcasts that we could go to for advice that we might be to afraid to ask. Enter The Lady Gang; this podcast is more than a sisterhood. These self-made boss babes have inspired me to go after my dreams, inspired me to trust my guts, made me laugh, made me cry from laughing, and made me more of a bad-ass. There is even a secret Facebook group full of babes that not only help me with advice, but help me de-stress from the outside world.

Who are these three bad-ass ladies?

Becca Tobin is an American actress, singer, and dancer. She is best known for her role as Kitty Wilde on the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. I know her as the hilarious yet bad ass babe that is sometimes a little too real and tell it how it is on the show (which I love). Becca snorts when she laughs and that gives me life! She is 30s just like me and has the most flawless skin - like for real help a girl out here skin. She is married to Zach Martin and quite often talks about their married life (like the fact that once you get married making out is out the door), they both have the cutest puppy named Orly.  You can follow her Instagram Here.

Keltie Knight is a Canadian TV presenter and former professional dancer. She is a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. I know her as the OCD list-making, putting order to the chaos, energetic, inspiration quote and toffifay chocolate lover. She has her own version of Fixer Upper and dreams of becoming soo famous. Keltie is married to Chris who seems like the nicest guy, and they both have the cutest street dog named Calle. You can follow here Instagram HERE to help her become more famous! 

Jac Vanek Is a retired emo kid who has her own bad-ass business jacvanek.com where she sells quirky and sometimes too real sayings on clothes, wine glasses, and more. She is also single AF and her dating stories give me life! Out of all three girls, I find myself identifying with Jac the most. She is chill, doesn't seem to care about what others think and is very sassy with all the crop tops in the world! Besides this podcast, Jac also host "First Degree" which is a true crime podcast. You can follow here on Instagram HERE

Lets talk about The Lady Gang TV show! Here is the deal, the girls have been getting us pumped for this premier for a few months now. They would post teasers and talk about it on the podcast to get us excited and it really worked! I honestly had no idea what to expect, but knowing that my three favorite girls that I have become to love would be on TV made me pretty damn excited. 

We had a mini-lady gang meetup on Sunday to watch the premier together. We had rose, snacks and chatted all night. It was fun to get together with girls that understand my love for these ladies! We were way too excited talking that we actually forgot to get a picture together. 

The review: 

The show, just like the podcast was organized in segments and had a great flow throughout. I love being able to the see the girls facial expressions while they talked. It really did paint the picture in my head of what I have been listening. 

I liked the fact that it was similar the podcast as in they played games, had a celebrity guest, and talked about their good week/bad week. And it was JUST as funny as it is when I listen to them in my car. 

Overall I think that this was a great move for The Lady Gang! They were all naturals on TV and transitioned very well to the screen. 

The first episode had ED Sheeran in it which if you know anything at all about me you know how obsessed I am with that ginger boy! 

You can find the girls at www.theladygang.com and the TV show airs on Sundays at 10:30 p.m. on E!


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