August 9, 2020

Day trip to Antelope Island - Utah

Antelope Island, Utah, USA


Antelope Island is the perfect place for a quick day trip with your kids! We woke up early on a Sunday morning and my husband suggested we would go check out the wild buffalos, bison, and antelopes. 

We stopped and got some drinks and snacks for the drive and hit the road. From where we live it took about an hour to get there but it wasn’t too bad at all!

Once you get to the gate before going over the bridge to the island you can already see how beautiful the view is. The price was $15 dollars per vehicle and if you have someone 60 and older it is only $10 dollars. They gave us a map of the island and off we went to explore.

There are a few different routes you could take when you get to the island. One leads you to a beach where there is also a burger joint, different hiking, and biking trails, while the other leads you to all the wild buffalos off to either side of the road.

There were a few other families there and the best part about it is that everyone we keeping their distance and taking their time while parked on the side of the street. We started driving on this winding road when we spotted the first heard. The kiddos got so excited to see them up close! 

The island also has hiking trails that you can go on and you can even go camping there which I think would make it for a fun weekend with the wild bison!

Here are some fun facts about Antelope Island found on the interwebs:


Antelope Island, with an area of 42 square miles, is the largest of ten islands located within the Great Salt Lake, Utah, United States. The island lies in the southeastern portion of the lake, near Salt Lake City and Davis County, and becomes a peninsula when the lake is at extremely low levels.

A balloon festival is held yearly, around Labor Day. Birdwatching on Antelope Island is well known. Observing wildlife is also popular on Antelope Island, especially the large numbers of bison which are part of the Antelope Island Bison Herd. Coyotes and antelope are sometimes seen close to the main roads and campsites, and bison often wander across the roads, though the bison are most often found towards the south end of the island near the Fielding Garr Ranch.

One of our favorite parts of the trip was when we were driving down the small road and this huge herd of mamas and babies decided to cross the road right behind us. We just all watched it right from our rear window as they went by. It was a fun experience to have them that close to us. 

As a reminder, it is not recommended for you to get out of your car when they are this close as they can charge towards you or your car and you can potentially get injured. They are wild animals after all!

Address: 4528 W 1700 S, Syracuse, UT 84075
Hours of operation: 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM (Sunday-Saturday)
Price: Entrance fee: $15 per vehicle up to 8 people (Visit the park site for more information)

Make sure to add a day trip to Antelope Island to your bucket list! If you aren't sure how to start a bucket list I have written a helpful post on it so that way you know exactly what to do

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