January 13, 2021

Happy 5 months baby Olive

Utah, USA

Dear baby Olive,

Today you are 5 months old... Oh my how time is going by fast! Your mama and dada thanks the lord every day for bringing you to our lives! 

Every day you are doing something new and exciting that makes us happy/cry! We love your little personality and high pitch screams. The way your eyes light up when daddy comes home and everything thing around you stops for a minute. You are a daddy’s girl! 

Olive you are now eating baby food and so far your favorite has been carrots and apple sauce. We love how excited you get when you start eating! You make the cutest little sucking noises with your lips while devouring all your food! 

You have the strongest core of anyone we know! You love sitting up and doing crunches! It’s adorable how every time we lay you flat, you put your little new out and try to sit up as fast as you can.

When you get excited you love to kick your legs and arms and sometimes in the middle of the night which is super cute and loud! 

A few weeks ago you started to notice Lyla (your little kitten sister). She walks by and meows towards you and you softly try to pet her. 

Tummy time is still not your favorite and you recently flipped over. (It’s only a matter of time before your laying in your tummy all the time).

Logan and Lia love taking care of you and often ask me if they can help with feeding you and holding you. The best big brother and sissy! 

Your eye/hand coordination is amazing and you love switching toys between your chubby little  hands. 

You weight around 16 pounds now. Such a chubby little girl. 

To celebrate your 5 months today we did a photoshoot with all these adorable outfits that were hand knitted by daddy’s grandma. 

Olive, we are obsessed with you and your adorable personality. We love you so much! 

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