January 22, 2021

Why you should get a library card in 2021

Salt Lake City, UT, USA
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 Why you should get a library card in 2021

One of my fondest memories as a kid was going to the library to pick out books... Reading, much like journaling, came naturally to me. 

I distinctly remember getting my first “big kid book” for my 10th birthday: Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone.

It was right when it came out so all of my friends were reading it too. Something about curling up under the blankets and slowly flipping through each page and fully emerging myself into the fantasy that did it for me. Speaking of fantasy, adventures and fantasies were my favorite genres! 

Growing up, my school had a huge library, but so did my city. Which gave me a lot of choices when it came to books.

                                                          Salt Lake City, Utah public library

Being a kid and going to the library was everyone’s favorite thing to do back then. You could rent out a VHS, check out different books, read magazines, look at maps, attend classes, and just fully experience the library. Oh! My favorite part is that my local library even had a “movie snacks section” so my sister and I would pick a movie and grab snacks for our family movie night. 

Nowadays, you either have an electronic device where you listen to audiobooks or your parents have different streaming services for you to pick from (Netflix, Hulu, and so on). So it makes it where reading an actual book is not as “exciting” as it used to be. 

Naturally, in this day and age libraries are becoming more of a “school chore” for kids. Instead of wanting to go there and browse, they have to go there to check out a book for school.

2021 should be different. If you take anything at all from your 2020 experience is that you should be living life to its fullest and do things that either put you outside of your comfort zone or make you happy. Guess what? Getting a library card from your local library might just do that!

I encourage you to go to your local library’s website. Create an account and request a library card. It’s a super easy process.

From there, you should make a plan with your child to check out books once a month. Or even rent out classic movies to watch together (now that would be a fun family night) 

So There are many perks of having a library card:
  • Access to a database for research on what matters such as agriculture, academic, business, and so on
  • Creativebug, which is a website with multiple craft videos and tutorials
  • Explora, it provides a safe and trustworthy environment for students to look up facts for research papers
  • Libby, which is an app for ebooks and audiobooks
  • Hoopla, and app that lets you stream videos, read ebooks from everywhere 
  • Rosetta Stone, which is a program that teaches you a new language 

Although this list of resources is great, you should still check your local library website as they might offer different perks.

I want you to encourage your child to read. To fall into that fantasy (Logan and Lia will stay up for hours in their room reading their books). If they want to watch a movie, watch a classic with them that teaches them a lesson. We recently watched “the page master” and the kids loved it! 

So go on, get that library card. Plan a weekly activity with your kids that involve the library books or movies you checked out. 

I’m telling you, your kids will love it! 

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