January 20, 2021

Side Hustle Ideas for 2021

You might find yourself at home more often than before due to this whole pandemic. Today, we are going to share with you side hustles as well as full-time jobs you can do from home right on your computer.

1. Start a BLOG

This is one is simple and it does take a little bit of work in the beginning but in the long run you could potentially make a lot of money. With blogging, the more work you put in, the more money you could make. 

Not sure how to start a blog? Here is how:

1. You can start for free by going to blogger.com, sign up for an account. Then follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Blogger.
  2. On the left, click the Down arrow.
  3. Click New blog.
  4. Enter a name for your blog.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Choose a blog address or URL.
  7. Click Save.
Now comes the fun part! Write your little heart out! Choose a niche (a topic you are passionate about) then start to create blog posts about topics such as finance, gaming, social media, travel, recipes, deals, and etc.

When you have created your posts in order to make money you can sign up for affiliate programs through either Amazon or your favorite companies. Most companies nowadays have an affiliate program that you make a percentage off of a sale that comes from your special link. One of my favorite companies to work with is prosource fit. You will also have to create a disclosure policy.

After you have enough blog posts on your blog then you can apply for Google Adsense and chose where you want to put your ads. They pay per click/views and even though it might be a little low at first, once you start getting more visitors that number will go up!

You can also work with specific companies and have them as a sponsor on your blog. They will either pay you in product or you can have a set price they will pay you after the campaign is over. Usually, they will ask you for a Media Kit.

There are other blogging platforms out there but if you are short on cash and want to start right away, the blogger is the best option because it is free!

Blogging words to be aware of:

Affiliate Marketing: a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals. Aka a blog.
Sponsors: Such sponsorship can mean one of two things: Sponsors might pay you to put their ads on your website. Sponsors might simply provide you with free goods or services in return for advertising on your website.
Adsense: AdSense is a free, simple way to earn money by displaying ads next to your online content. The AdSense program differs in that it delivers ads served by Google Ads to your site.
Disclosure Policy: The main purpose of the Disclosure Policy is to ensure that required information, other than confidential business information, is disclosed to the public, investors, employees, customers, and blog readers.
Affiliate Link: An affiliate link is a specific URL that contains the affiliate's ID or username. In affiliate programs, advertisers use affiliate links to record the traffic that is sent to the advertiser's website.
Media Kit: A press kit, often referred to as a media kit in business environments, is a pre-packaged set of promotional materials that provide information about a person, company, organization, or cause and which is distributed to members of the media for promotional purposes.

2. Become a Virtual Assistant

I have a page specifically set up for my portfolio. This page and my Media Kit is what I will usually send to my potential client and brands.

In order to become a successful Virtual Assistant there a few things, you should be good at; for example, time management. Then, you want to pick a niche that you are passionate about and know how to work with it. whether it be Pinterest management, social media marketing, product photography, and so on. Learn everything there about it so that you don't disappoint your clients. We are lucky to have the internet at our fingertips. All you have to do is google: “how to create ads on Pinterest” or “how to add affiliate links to a blogpost” you get the idea.

Here are a couple of website for “freelancers” aka virtual assistants that you should start with: Upwork, Fiverr (although the pay here is little)

I recommend fixing your LinkedIn profile with your credentials. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of experience, you can create a blog and practice on there and add it to your LinkedIn profile as your job.

Lastly, search on social media platforms for the job posting. Facebook has a lot of groups that you can find by searching for “VA for hire”.

3. Start a business from your own home

If 2020 taught us anything at all is that you need to have plan B, plan C, and so on. Starting a business can cost you a little upfront, but you could have the potential to earn a lot of money in the long run.

My first suggestion would be to go through your closet, electronics, and storage. Look for things you aren’t using anymore. Things that are just taking up space in your home. There are plenty of places where you can sell your stuff:

Poshmark: perfect for clothing, shoes, and beauty products. If you own clothes that are currently “in style” you will make great money here!

eBay: perfect for old electronics, vintage clothes, books, crafting materials, and anything that’s kind of random in your home.

Facebook Marketplace: perfect for furniture, baby items, electronics, toys, tickets, gift cards.

This varies by location but you can also check your local classifieds as they should have a section for you to sell at for Free.

If you’ve done all of the things above then my suggestion is to start an actual registered business. You could make different food and either deliver it around town or sell it online. Your own clothing line, jewelry line, stationery, or your own beauty line.

When it comes to low start-up costs, a baking business is a way to go! Baking is science (meaning anyone can be a great baker if they wanted to), and most of the ingredients are in your kitchen right now. You can start by posting it on your Facebook page and sharing it with friends and family that you are now selling goods. If they are awesome, they will support you!

Baking ideas: your own cookie shop (where you come up with different flavors each week), brownie business, an ethnic business where you sell foreign candies, cakes, and cupcakes (which would be perfect for birthday parties), and you can even niche down to a specific diet, for example, Keto treats, gluten-free treats.

Next, you can create an Etsy shop for your business and start selling online. There are other online platforms for selling but I think that Etsy is the cheapest to start with.

Soon I will go more in-depth on starting a business because there is so much to talk about. Right now I just want to give you some ideas!

4. Babysitting - Dog Walker

Remember when you were young and babysitting your neighbor's kids was one of your first jobs? Well, it’s still a job that you can do to this day! There are websites online like care.com where you create a profile and get matched with different families in your area.

The same goes for dog walking, the website Rover is just for that! You create your profile and get matched with local pet owners. Some will have you take them on walks while others might need an overnight stay. It really depends on what you are looking for!

5. Online Jobs

There are a lot of companies looking for employees that are willing to work from home right now. It’s the perfect time for you to find a side hustle that could potentially turn into a full-time job. One of my favorite sites to check for online jobs is Rat Race Rebellion. One quick google searches and you will find a lot of websites with work from home opportunities. The possibilities are endless here!

There you have it, did we give you plenty of ideas to get you started on your money-making journey?

*Disclaimer: Nina Talks earns a small commission from affiliate links on the blog. We also receive compensation or product in exchange for reviews. All opinions are my own. We only recommend products that we love. Thank you for your support. 

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