January 27, 2021

Why it’s important to keep a journal in 2021

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” – William Wordsworth

Journaling has always been a big part of my life. All thanks to my mama, who gave me my first journal when I was seven years old. 

I remember coming home after school, laying belly down on my bed with my journal in front of me. There I would write my little heart out... about my day, about my favorite quotes, lyrics, my love for dogs... Aw! To be young again!

Why it’s important to keep a journal in 2021

A journal is a place to clear your mind. To write down what’s clouding your thoughts and keeping you up at night. To help with conflict resolution and to give you solutions. It also helps with memories for years to come. 

There has been plenty of research on how journaling helps those with anxiety and depression. It helps people write down things that they might not want to say oro someone face to face. One study specifically mentioned how older adults with ongoing medical conditions and anxiety found that journaling helped to decrease their mental stress load and increase their overall well-being.

Just like one my favorite songs, a journal is thinking aloud. It makes you more self-aware. It helps to fight your inner demons. To face your fears!

Another one of my favorite purpose of keeping a journal is write down your GOALS you would like to accomplish. It is also a place for you to write down your bucket list

If you like being creative and are a type-A personality  there is even a new trend of journaling called bullet journal: 

bullet journal is a method of personal organization developed by designer Ryder Carroll. The system organizes scheduling, reminders, to-do lists, brainstorming, and other organizational tasks into a single notebook.

Journaling can be accomplished by either using pen and paper or electronically such a an online blog, a note app on your phone, voice app (where you say your thoughts into the recorder) or email account. It honestly doesn’t matter how you go about journaling, it’s the end result that matters!

Imagine your future children reading your journal entries and getting a glimpse into what your world was like?

A couple of journals from famous people:

The Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci recorded his thoughts in a series of papers and notes, which was then put together after his death.

One of the most renowned composers of all-time, Ludwig van Beethoven kept numerous notebooks, journals and letters which provided an indication of the man behind the compositions.

My only hope is that you are inspired to start journaling today. Even if you start small, just give it a chance. Your mind and soul will thank you later!  

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